The Whistler Rowing Club is located on magnificent Alta Lake in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. The peaks are ever present and ever changing depending on the seasons. Alta Lake is 2km long and 4km around affording us the perfect training facility for sprints and head races.


We are a competitive racing club and we cater to experienced rowers who have their own equipment.


If you join the Whistler Rowing club, you are automatically registered as a member with Rowing Canada Aviron & of Rowing BC and insurance is provided. You will have the opportunity to compete in sanctioned rowing regattas. Membership also includes some instruction from our sculling coach, Marlene Royle and additional private lessons are available on request.


The Whistler Rowing Club membership fee is $300/year.


Unfortunately we cannot accommodate guest rowers as our boats are privately owned.

Please email if you are ready to join.

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